​Best Government Technology Solutions

Government Technology is constantly evolving and changing to better serve their communities. 
The Technology that enhances both State and Local Governments is more significant and essential today than ever before. 
​It's important that agencies upgrade to the newest software and platforms in order to keep their systems 
organized, efficient, and optimally serving their workers, contractors, and citizens. 

We offer customized platforms to city and state governments of all sizes with proven 

“Next Generation Software and Platforms”. 

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Managed Services

Reduce your operational costs while increasing your effectiveness by utilizing the SLS Professional Services and Management team.

Enterprise Platform Development

Government Agencies must have cohesive operational solutions across all departments today to successfully provide their communities with effective and timely service.

Electronic Document Management

Take your Community Development, Licensing, Asset Management or any other platform to the next level by integrating your system with the document management system of your choice.  SLS will show you how.

Independent Verification & Validation

Ensure your project, team, and resulting solutions are optimized by utilizing the SLS professional team and their experience to help guide, realign, and improve your success.  

Document Digitation

Lose the paper and go digital!  Give your team and your community improved access to the data they need by using the SLS team to scan and digitize your historical artifacts.

Electronic Plan Review

Today's Smart Cities are improving the manner in which plan reviews are executed.  Save time, increase communication, streamline modifications and build faster!  SLS will help you understand your options.

GIS Consultation

Your Geographic Information System (GIS) should be at the heart of your enterprise solution.  Properly implemented it will enhance every aspect of your team's experience as well as your communities experience.

Enterprise Integration

In a perfect world your agency would use one system for all services and business functions.  When this is not feasible let SLS help you develop robust integrations and reduce the silos that are slowing you down.