Eric Koontz President & Owner e-Silver Lining Solutions

Eric Koontz 

As the president and founder of Silver Lining Solutions, Eric has formed a team of leading experts that are changing the way agencies do business today.  With a focus on process improvement, cutting-edge technology, and a passion for collaboration Eric's leadership is redefining success. 

The Silver Lining Solutions Team has been responsible for the success of hundreds of software implementations.  Silver Lining Solutions improves the way governments do
business and ultimately the way their constituents experience the benefits of government agencies.

Project Oversight and Management
  • Certified Scrum Master Scrum Alliance January 2017
  • Certified Asset Management Auditor August 2015
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Java, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML and other programming languages

Project Experience
Eric has provided leadership and technical solutions for over 100 projects in the last 12 years. The following projects are highlighted:

Boston Public Health Commission Mobility/Web CXM implementation, Boston, MA.

Sr PD responsible for overseeing the Community Development Platform Implementation for Environmental Health and Permitting services at BPHC. 

Provided project oversite, project management, end-user training, scripting, and report development, as well as solution design services resulting in a successful on-time and on-budget project
City of Salt Lake Citywide Enterprise Service Request and Licensing Solution, UT