Meet the 2023 Best Government Technology and Consulting Team.
eSilver Lining Solutions, LLC Leadership

Eric Koontz President & Owner Silver Lining Solutions

Eric Koontz

Eric has 30+ years of complex technical experience and has focused the last half of his career on enhancing the power of government to serve its constituents.  Eric has experience in directing large services teams for major government software companies.  It is Eric's mission/passion to ensure that the SLS team is a growing force for positive change in government business improvement.  

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Chad Weiffenbagh

Chad Weiffenbach
Vice President Operations

With 30+ years of computer science and IT experience, Chad is a recognized valuable leader in the govTech industry.  Today's government business process demand well-integrated enterprise solutions that empower both agency users and their community.  Chad's technology, architecture, and management expertise and leadership ensure success!

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Darren Koontz Silver Lining Solutions

Darren Koontz
Senior Consultant / Team Lead

Darren has 12+ years of extensive and in-depth experience working specifically with government agencies from coast-to-coast to design and implement community development, licensing, asset management and other enterprise platforms.  Darren's experience and his meticulous attention to customer goals results in predictable solutions and empowered customers.  

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